True Home simplifies streamlines organizes enables your home improvement projects.

True Home is a platform which helps you realize your home improvement dreams from concept to completion. From finding service professionals, getting quotes, managing the project though to completion, we are here to help. They are your dreams, we just help make them a reality.

Relax & Enjoy

Be Insipred

Whether it's a must-do project or want-to-do project, dream big. Once you have your project in mind, start a new project in True Home where you can submit your project to service professionals for quotes.

Be In Control

It's your project, you call the shots. Read verified reviews, pick your service professionals and tap that inner Project Manager using our real-time dashboard to track projects status, expeneses, approvals and more.

Be Delighted

With the True Home platform, the homeowner is in control of the purse strings. The service professionals don't get paid until you approve their work. If you aren't happy, they don't get paid. It's that simple.

The True Home Process

Stay in control of your dream


Define Your Project

The first step in the process of improving your home is defining your project. It may be as simple as some drywall repair or as complicated as a whole-house renovation. Once you have your project defined, you can load it into your True Home dashboard and start getting quotes!


Browse Service Professionals

With your project set, it's time to find your service professionals! You might need a few depending on the size of your project but don't fear, we help organize the work, keep everyone on schedule and more importantly, on budget! Within the True Home platform, you can search and browse for service professionals and handymen to complete your project. This lets you do as much or as little of the project management as you like - the choice is always up to you!


Get and Compare Quotes

Now that you've found some capable service professionals for your project, you can request quotes for the entire project or just a part! Our service professionals may contact you with additional questions or even arrange a meeting with you to stop by so they can more accurately quote a price. Once you have your quotes, you can easily compare the bids before you start your project. Once you are ready, you can choose the professional(s) and get your project started!


Master Your Inner Project Manager

Now that you have chosen your service professional, your project can get started! We choose our service professionals carefully so you can rely on their work based on trusted and verified reviews. Once a professional is chosen, the amount of your project is put into an escrow account which gives the service professional the ability to move forward with the project and you, the homeowner, the confidence that the money will be held safely and only released as agreed.

When it comes to releasing funds, this will be negotiated with the service professional (but we are here to help!). If a project requires a large number of materials, there may be an amount released from the escrow to pay for materials but then progress payments made only when you, the homeowner, is satisfied that a milestone is complete. If it is not complete, the service professional is not paid until you are happy. It's that simple and you are in control!

In the worst case of a service professional not completing the work, they will not get paid the balance giving you the flexbility to have the funds refunded back or we can work with you to find another professional to complete the work with the funds remaining.


Be Delighted in the Results

With the work complete, you can give the final approval and the last payment (typically a bulk of the amount in escrow) is released. We encourage all users to leave reviews of their experience and document with photos along the way. It is a great way to show off your improved home and help out our network of service professionals!

An All-In-One Platform

Trusted Reviews

All reviews are from verified projects that have been manged though the True Home platform. No unverified reviews, ever.


Scope out your project and get quotes from trusted vendors with just a few clicks. Compare quotes and get started when you're ready!


All contracts are conveniently managed electronically via DocuSign for easy execution and access. Sign from your mobile phone while you're on the go!


Track and manage payments easily. Contractors get paid only when the work is finished and approved by the client.


Keep track of project schedules, milestones, communications and payments all from one place. Keep your project on time!


Manage approvals for change orders, HOAs or project completion.

Get started on your new kitchen bathroom back yard carpet landscaping paint today!

Quoting Process

Simple and transparent - saving you time and money.


Register for Free

Register for a free account. It takes seconds and we promise we won't spam you or sell your email address!


Create Your First Project

With just a few clicks, you can create your first project. Add as much or as little information as needed so service providers can get you accurate pricing.


Submit to Vendors!

Within our platform, select up to 5 vendors to get quotes, and hit submit! We take care of the rest, really! If we have to call the contractors to get you quotes, we'll do it. We are seriously committed!

Manage your project - your way

Intuitive software to manage vendors and get updates in real-time

Real-time project view

Easily view change orders

Scope creep is a fact of life! Once your project starts, you have instant visibility on any change orders. Your service professional may request a change but the approval (and ultimately any payment) is up to you. Stay in control of your project!

Watch your project take shape!

Depending on the size of your project, you may have multiple different milestones. Watch your project come to life and keep track of the status as your service professional keeps you up to date with photos and status updates.

Invite Collaborators

Manage permissions easily per project

Users can easily add friends, family members or other collaborators to their project. With a few clicks, you can manage permissions to allow someone to follow along or contribute to your project.

Home Owners Associations

Home Owners Associations (or HOAs) are organizations in a subdivision, planned community or condo which makes and enforces rules for the property. These rules can govern everything from playsets to paint colors so it is important that you check to see if you have an HOA and what rules might be in place to govern your home improvement. Sound like a pain? It doesn't have to be! True Home is here to help with the form submissions and tracking progress. If you don't already know your HOA, you can search below by zip or community name.


Find your HOA

First, find your HOA to determine which approvals (if any) are required. If you're not sure, you can search the list below by name or zip code.


Upload Documents

Next, note that an HOA approval is required as part of your project, upload the required forms and we can submit them on your behalf and keep you informed through the process.


Get Approved!

If any additional information is required, we'll let you know. Otherwise, you can track the process on your project timeline and your service professional will be instantly notified upon HOA approval!

Get started on your new kitchen bathroom back yard carpet landscaping paint today!