• Asset Protection & Value Preservation

    True Home works with firms to help protect assets and prevent devaluation by ensuring proper maintenance of homes.
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Institutional Investors

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The True Home platform allows investors to manage renovations and improvements on their portfolios of homes. Our application of market-specific contractor data ensures home improvements are cost-effective and on budget while providing transparency and control to the investor. SFRs utilize True Home’s maintenance services to ensure the property is properly maintained.

Asset-Backed Lenders

Bundling True Home maintenance services with asset-backed lending products ensures that health and safety maintenance is performed on schedule, every time.  In addition, regular quarterly maintenance allows regular dialog with residents to ensure minor issues do not result in major damage to preserve asset values.

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Insurance Providers

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Including a subscription to True Home concierge service allows insurance companies to competitively differentiate themselves while providing real and constant value to homeowners acting as a power customer retention incentive as well. True Home ensures regular maintenance is complete on schedule helping to preserve homes and lowering the possibility of claims.