True PM

Property Management for Investors

  • Efficient Operations
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Enhanced Tenant Experience

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Property Management Simplified

1Streamline Operations

True PM streamlines tasks such as rent collection, maintenance scheduling, and tenant communication. This efficiency minimizes administrative burdens, allowing investors to focus on strategic decisions and expanding their property portfolio.

2Real-Time Insights

Provide instant access to key performance metrics, financial reports, and occupancy data. This empowers investors with actionable insights to make informed decisions, optimize rental income, and address issues promptly, leading to improved profitability.

3Enhanced Tenant Experience

Enable seamless tenant interactions through online portals for rent payment, maintenance requests, and communication. This convenience fosters positive tenant relationships, reduces vacancies, and contributes to long-term tenant retention, ensuring a stable and reliable income stream.

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Tools for Landlords

Easily see all your properties in a single view, manage vendors (including background checks) and more from the True PM dashboard.

  • Background check vendors for violent or theft-related convictions
  • Free on-boarding to transition properties
  • Accept ACH, cash, or credit card payments
  • Link multiple bank accounts, no additional charge!
  • Manage and pay vendors directly
  • Create work orders for maintenance items
  • Streamline turns to minimize vacancy
  • Track upcoming lease expirations

Being a tenant has never been easier!

With True PM, each tenant at a property has their own login to pay rent and create work orders. When maintenance is required, they can interact directly with the vendors to coordinate work and verify when work is complete so landlords can pay the vendor.

  • Pay rent via ACH, cash, or card
  • Scheduled auto-pay
  • Split rent with other tenants
  • Create work orders
  • View payment history
  • Access property documents

Built for Investors

True PM is built for investors. If you have a single property or 500, True PM provides tools to view the real-time performance of your assets to optimize your yield by making it easy to dispose of and acquire new properties.

  • Monitor portfolio performance in real-time
  • View total equity, gross income, NOI and Yield from dashboard
  • Sort address by yield or IRR to quickly identify performers
  • Integration into the True Home platform allows the ease of acquiring or selling off assets
  • True Home's construction management tools empowers SFR specific renovations